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  • 03/14/2018
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Squash Court

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The squash court is situated in the fitness area of the Club. Members are requested to make their bookings one week in advance.

Rules & Regulations

  1. Booking should be made by phone call or in person.
  2. Cancellation should be made 24 hours before date.
  3. All members must check and sign their booking.
  4. Any booking or cancellation should be made to the gym instructor.
  5. Any member bringing a guest should write his/her full name in the squash book.
  6. Any member, who has booked but has not come to play, will be charged the normal rate.
  7. Booking should be made only for one hour during peak hours.
  8. Alcoholic drinks are not permitted on the squash premises.
  9. Any member is only allowed to bring a guest twice, more than twice will be charged double.

Rates (Court fees)

Peak MUR 100
Off peak MUR 60
Guest Fee (excluding court fee) MURĀ  200

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