The Mauritius Gymkhana Club offers various Membership Subsets.
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Members with at least twenty-five (25) years of Membership and reaching the age of sixty (60) are termed “Senior” with a privilege of reduced subscription and waiver of green fees (golf only). Such privilege will become effective from the date of approval by the Executive Committee of the member’s substantiated application. This privilege applies only to members who joined the Cub before 1st August 2000.

Honorary membership may be conferred by the Executive Committee to an individual without the prerequisites or obligations of other memberships. This status is awarded in recognition of achievements or service to the Club or to suitable dignitaries. The duration of such membership shall not exceed 12 months but may be renewed annually at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

Members must submit to the Club Manager a spouse application form duly filled in for approval at the next Executive Committee Meeting

Members must inform the Club Manager in writing of their divorce, and request the division of the original Membership. Upon approval by the Executive Committee both parties shall be individually responsible for their respective memberships.

Members must submit a spouse application for duly filled in together with the nomination fees as per Appendix No. 1 to the Club Manager ( as applicable at time of application) – see note below
The Club Manager shall process and submit the application to the Executive Committee for consideration at the next available meeting.
Members inviting GUEST(S) to the Club MUST report to the Reception Desk and/or Sporting Outlet to register and sign their Guest into the Guest’s Book prior to using the Club facilities. Members must accompany the Guests at all times whilst using the Club facilities or being present on the Club premises.

The management MUST be notified in writing should a Guest be signed in to partake in sporting activities not practiced by the Club member in which case the Guest may be allowed to take part in the specific sporting activity unaccompanied by the club member at the discretion of the Executive Committee or the Club Manager.

Members must ensure that their Guest(s) are strictly abiding by the Rules and the Bye-Laws of the Club while on the premises.
6.5.1 Member’s children under the age of 21 shall be ineligible for membership and may use the club facilities within the limits imposed by the Bye-Laws.

6.5.2 Full members’ children reaching the age of 21 who wish to continue using the Club facilities must apply for Full Membership within (12) months and if accepted shall pay half the normal applicable entrance fee in force at time of application. ( see note below)

A full Member leaving Mauritius for more than 3 (three) months who wish to retain his membership, may become member on leave hereinafter referred to as MOL and follow the procedure as under:

6.6.1. Pay all dues amounts to the Club, obtain a certificate from the Club Accountant on these payments stating that the member’s account is closed.

6.6.2. Advise the Club Manager at least 2 (two) weeks before leaving Mauritius and provide the Club Manager with the certificate of clearance.

6.6.3. Obtain MOL card from the Club Manager

6.6.4. On return of the member, the membership shall be reinstated on surrender of the MOL card.
6.6.5. MOL members must report within 30 (thirty) days from return to Mauritius to re-instate their membership.

Members, subject to the express provisions of these Rules and bye-Laws being in force, shall be entitled to use the premises and property of the Club and to be supplied at such prices, as the Executive Committee may, from time to time, determine with meals, refreshments, games and entertainment provided by the Club.

6.8.1 Temporary, Honorary and MOL shall not have the right to:
a) Vote
b) Be elected a member of the Executive Committee
c) Introduce guests to partake in sporting activities.

A member wishing to resign shall give 30 days advance notice in writing to the Club Manager, pay all the due amounts to the Club including the full monthly subscription.

7.1.1 Monthly statement of accounts for each member shall be prepared by the accounts department of the Club and posted by the 10th of the following month at latest.

7.1.2 Members shall ensure payment is made and the cheque cleared within 40 (forty) days from the end of the month shown in the monthly statement.

7.1.3 In case of any delay in payment beyond the stipulated deadline under Clause 7.1.2, the penalty fee, as stipulated in the Bye-Laws, will be applied and the membership credit facilities will be suspended forthwith and without prior notification.

7.1.4 A list of all overdue accounts up to the last date of each month shall be submitted by the Club Accountant to the Executive Committee at its next schedule Committee Meeting.


a) The Club Accountant to give notice following the decision of the Executive Committee.

b) If within 30 days of issue under (a) of the notice, payment is not received, the membership is suspended and the member’s name will be posted on the notice board of the Club.

c) If the account is still unpaid 60 days after the issue of the notice the membership will be terminated

d) The Club Accountant will report on the membership status of the suspended members at the subsequent Executive Committee meeting.

7.1.5 Any member whose account remains unpaid for a period of more than 90 days from the accounting month including the 40 days as provided under Clause No. 7.1.2, will have his account closed until such time payments have been effected fully including the penalty fees and valid explanations given.

The reinstatement of such accounts shall be considered by the Club Honorary Treasurer and instructions provided to the Club Accountant.
The Honorary Treasurer shall be obliged to obtain ratification of such decision at the next available Executive Committee meeting

7.2.1 On approval of Temporary Membership, the member shall be obliged to effect a deposit as stipulated in the Bye-Laws to cover the monthly billings of the club and arrange to replenish the account based on the monthly statement of the Club within 15 days from the date of the monthly statement.

7.2.2 The Club Accountant shall be responsible to monitor such accounts.