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Our Executive Committee Members

The Club is governed by an Executive Committee comprising of eight members

Sub Committees

In addition to the Executive Committee, several sub-committees have been established. They serve the Club on a benevolent basis with the help of the Club Manager who manages the Club on a day to day basis.

Golf Committee

Gilles Etienne (Golf Captain)
Christian Perdrau
Kris Badri
May Wan Min Kee
Sonny Wong Lun Sang
Hemant Kumar (Kailash) Juddoo

Tennis Committee

Shiamdass Appannah (Tennis Captain)
Sunjay Saddul
Kris Mussai
Ah-Sen Li Hee Cheong
Pravesh Purgass
Youvraj Madhub
Yanis Chiniah

F&B & Customer Service Committee

Subash Bassant (Chair)
Mahen Chauhan
Harish Gooriah
Kewal Bhuruth
Jim Purmessur

Advisory Committee

Amaresh Singh Ramlugan (Chair)
Raj Prayag
Omraj Buckoreelall
Anand Chakowa
Clement Curé
Suren Ramdenee

Special Projects & Infrastructure Committee

Lee Meng How Onsiong (Chair)
Irène Ng
Nand Sooredoo
Jananda Moothoo
Nawaz Joomun
Soopaya Moorghen
Krishnaduth Goomany
Pramoth Domun
Geerish Sonah
Arvind Saddul

Events Committee

Irène Ng (Chair)
Hermenne Félicité
Rima Ramsaran
Jean-Claude Sunglee
Charon Joseph
Gobind Tulsidas
Neena Misri
Fabrice Catherine
Reshmee Luchmun

Finance Committee

Mohammed Iqbal Belath (Chair)
Nand Sooredoo
Pramoth Domun
Danny Balluck
Rajen Durasamy
Jairaj Brigemohane
Ajay Gathani


Dev Hurpaul (Chair)
Hemant Kumar (Kailash) Juddoo
Preetam Dhuncoowar Lallah
Robin L. Appaya
Gautum Saddul

Affiliated Clubs

The MGC has ‘Reciprocity Arrangements’ with the following overseas clubs

Should MGC members wish to visit these clubs and benefit from the facilities offered, they may please contact the Club Manager who will issue a letter of introduction.


    Overseas Clubs while on visit

    • Carry your parent Club Membership Card
    • Carry a letter of introduction from your Club
    • Members should not be resident in that country.In order to establish your proof of residence, you must show ID Card or Driving Licence, when requested at the Front Desk.
    • Purchase Debit Card from the Front Desk
    • Some Clubs do not offer the facilities of paying cash. Always inquire at the Front Desk before attempting to pay cash for any facilities used at the Club